In order to put into practice what the Year 10 students have been learning about business they will be running a market day on Tuesday 23 May 2023 from 11:26am – 3:03pm!! Students will run a market stall in groups of 2-3. The intention is to hold this outside of the canteen area during lunchtime and students have to provide a product/service. Leading up to this day, students will apply their learning to plan for the supply of their products, the pricing strategies used and to undertake market research to find out what their peers/staff would want to buy. Market Day will also provide the basis for two of their Major Assessment Tasks; one task is to write up a business plan, and the second task is to undertake a reflection which will include the financial calculations. Students will only be able to take out the money they put in, with all remaining profits being donated to a charity of their choice.