At Heathmont College we have a strong commitment to literacy for all students.

Individual programs are available that promote a healthy attitude to reading and a range of extension studies in Literature enhances student appreciation and understanding of the English language.

Learning a language is another important tool for life in the 21st century. We offer the Language subjects of German and Indonesian, which not only open career pathways but provide our students with a deeper understanding of the culture and people of other countries.

In 2017 the College implemented a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) program for German. Students in this class are immersed in the language, undertaking a language and grammar class as well as Science and Humanities classes in which German is the predominant language used.

As part of our successful International School Program, Heathmont College offers an intensive English Language Centre for international students who wish to study at the College.

To support our study of German, we have a warm, reciprocal exchange relationship with Kaufungen Integrated Grammar School in the Hesse region of Germany.

To support our study of Indonesian our school has developed a sister relationship with Karangmojo Secondary School in Java.