In 2012, Learning Groups were introduced across the College. The purpose of this 15 minute daily contact between a teacher and a small group of students is to develop close relationships and achieve a number of social, emotional and academic outcomes.

A myriad of activities are completed; these can range from fun team building games to analysis and feedback of student reports, to formal pathway planning. Learning Groups enable teachers to;

  • Monitor their social and emotional well-being
  • Track the learning of their students
  • Help them develop pathways for future study and careers
  • Celebrate and reward their achievements

Smaller group sizes allow more personalized guidance for students. Teachers become a significant staff member in the students learning, an advocate, who through daily contact can monitor their progress on a number of levels. It is important that every student feel that there is at least one person in the school who knows them well and work on their behalf. Learning Groups enable this relationship to develop.

Learning Groups also enable Senior students to have daily contact with students from other Year levels and Junior students to have contact with students from other classes. This spreads and strengthens their social network and support base.