Middle School consists of Years 7, 8 & 9 students, and encompasses the transition stage of moving from primary to secondary.

At Years 7 and 8 our goals are for students to develop a love of learning, personal qualities of self-confidence, leadership, independence and the ability to work collectively. We establish a rich understanding of how students learn to maximise the levels of engagement in learning. The foundations are laid across all areas of learning for students to develop personally and intellectually – establishing a focus on each and every student achieving their best. We want our students to not only achieve but to enjoy and celebrate their accomplishments.

In Year 7 and 8 all students study a common program that covers English, Mathematics, Humanities (History & Geography), Science, Art, Music & Drama, Food Technology & Textiles, and Physical Education & Sport. All students study a language, either German or Indonesian.

In Year 9 students participate in the 9LiFE program which operates on Wednesday’s within an open plan and flexible learning Centre. Here, students focus on developing their life skills by engaging with the broader community. They are also involved in a range of initiatives designed to build their self-confidence, foster independent learning and develop a greater sense of respect for themselves and others. The College works with Maroondah City Council to provide a number of community based activities for students. Programs are offered in addition to 9LiFE and include the Alpine Leadership School, World Challenge (Thailand – focusing on elephant conservation programs) and the Home of Hope orphanage in Indonesia.

In order to ensure that students who will undertake accelerated subjects at Year 10 have a strong grasp of skills needed to succeed, this program has recently been amended to provide stand alone classes in English, Mathematics and Science.