Purpose of home study

Homework and home study extend and reinforce classroom learning. Homework should be a vital part of every student’s daily routine. Students who succeed in schooling have developed the regular home study habit. Homework and home study are essential/integral out-of-school activities which extend and reinforce classroom learning. Heathmont College uses Compass as their integrated Leanring Management System. Parents/Guardians are provided with a login for this system and are encouraged to access Compass in order to support their child’s learning.

Suggested times on a weekly basis are:

Years 7, 8 & 9: 30-90 minutes per day

Year 10: 11 hours (about 1 hour & 10 minutes per subject, per week)

Year 11: 15-18 hours (about 2 hours & 30 minutes per unit, per week)

Year 12: 18-24 hours (about 4 hours per unit, per week)

These times are guidelines only but reflect the minimum rather than the maximum time that should be allocated.

What activities does “homework” include:

  • Set exercises and activities
  • Completion of unfinished class work
  • Research eg. for assignments
  • Writing eg. an essay on a topic similar to one studied in class; a laboratory report; a set of maths problems; a drama or PE journal; projects; etc
  • Reading eg. class novels; text, newspaper or magazines; wide reading book …
  • Research eg. collecting materials or specimens; visit to local library; contacting a source of information
  • Observation eg. T.V. news; newspapers; sporting events

When you are told there is no homework

  • Revision eg. regular review of class notes; summaries
  • Other learning eg. skills practice; developing glossaries; learning vocabulary; spelling
  • Wide reading eg. reading a novel, magazine, journal

Parents/guardians are able to help by ensuring students are given a place in which to work, that they are encouraged to spend regular time on homework tasks and that diaries are checked regularly.