Students learn better when they are safe, have good learning relationships with teachers and have good friendships.

At Heathmont College we value respect for all students, staff and families; we expect all involved with the school to be inclusive, supportive and considerate of others in accordance with our school values.

Heathmont College has a range of programs and resources to ensure all students’ welfare needs are met. The school has developed a “Ready for Learning” policy which ensures consistency, calmness and a clear focus in all of our classrooms. We have access to a wide range of community agencies to support individual students and their families should they have extra needs.

A range of specialist staff are employed at the school to provide professional guidance and support to students. These include the following:

  • Head of Wellbeing – Fiona Adams
  • Head of Positive Education – Meagan Merlino
  • Psychologist – Stephen Gray
  • Social worker – Fiona Adams
  • Secondary School Nurse – Lyndel Armstrong
  • College Chaplain – Alan Silverwood
  • Students With Additional Needs/Integration Coordinator – Eric Yeap

Please contact the appropriate Year Level Coordinator to be referred to one of the team.

College Chaplain

Heathmont College is fortunate to have Alan Silverwood as it’s College Chaplain. A long time member of the Heathmont College Community, Alan is committed to supporting students and families.

We all need help from others at different times in our lives. There are many support services, both locally and beyond.


Alan Silverwood – Chaplain, Pastoral care for our community.

Feel free to contact him at if you have something you would like to discuss.

[The Chaplaincy program is funded through the Federal Government & Community support. This is a voluntary program in our school community.]

Useful Websites

Parenting Support
Phone / Online Counselling Support Services