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As a co-educational secondary college, we firmly believe that an individual’s skills and relationships are a vital determinant of success in life.

We balance our students’ intellectual development with their social, emotional and personal growth. The plethora of opportunities available to students at our College supports all of the learning that the students do.

The College’s values undepin all that we offer to our students to help them grow both as lifelong learners and global citizens, informed and aware of the world around them.  Our committed and caring staff deliver the curriculum with energy and expertise that allow our students to flourish in their community.  Our values underpin all that we do and all that we stand for as a community of learners.

The extensive curriculum on offer caters to all our students and their pathways.  We invite you to visit Heathmont College and experience for yourself the plethora of opportunities and programs for all out students.

James Barut
Acting College Principal

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