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Welcome to Heathmont College, I am proud to introduce our school to you.

Students are at the centre of all that we do here at Heathmont College. We aim to foster student development and growth through a focus on student engagement, empowerment and learning in order to support students to achieve their very best in all that they do.

During these uncertain times, it is vitally important that schools focus on supporting students to develop strategies to navigate the unknowns in the world around them and to build resilience in order to manage uncertainty and challenge. As a lead school in the Maroondah Positive Education Network, Heathmont College aims to do exactly this through developing growth mindsets in our students and our staff and leveraging this to enhance resilience across the school by focusing on student and staff strengths. By developing student skills in managing adversity, we empower them to lead their best lives.

We have established school values that centre around the theme of RESPECT and encourage Respectful relationships, Excellence in all that we do, a Supportive community, Perseverance, Enthusiasm for learning, Co-operation and Trust. These values hold for all members of our community and guide the work that we do.

The College is focusing on building a Positive Climate for Learning and on setting High Expectations for all members of the community through the provision of high quality teaching and learning and the provision of a broad range of opportunities for staff and for students. Hand in hand with setting high expectations comes a need to follow up with an insistence on meeting these expectations and providing the necessary support for all members of the community to do so. As such, we have a range of structures and supports within the school to ensure that the high expectations that we set can be met. These supports include our House structure for student management which aims to enhance student engagement in the college and build stronger connections amongst students from different year levels. Each member of our community belongs to a House and receive the required support through these.

Our Sports Academy provides students with the opportunity to develop their abilities and confidence across a range of sports and to be actively involved in our community. Our new sports stadium is currently being completed and will be ready for classes to use in 2021 and to become the home of our Sports Academy. We have had several upgrades to facilities and buildings in recent months including the brand-new HOPE centre which opened this year and provides meeting and conference facilities that can be used across the network.

I look forward to the future of Heathmont College and its possibilities. With all of the disruption and change that we have experienced as a society of late, my hope is that Heathmont College will provide the safety, security and support for students to really spread their wings, take productive risks with their learning, thrive and flourish.

Kerryn Sandford

College Principal

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