The development of personal leadership skills is vital for future success in life and so at Heathmont College, Leadership is for all – not just for a select few. With a focus on student voice, students are encouraged to have input into programs and decisions.

All students have the opportunity to actively engage in student leadership through the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC comprises Year 12 Captains and Year Level Captains for each house.

Our 2019 School Captains are:

  •  Emily Thompson
  • Emily Kefford
  • Rhys Miller
  • Rehana Egobi


Our 2019 House Captains are:

Red House Blue House Green House Yellow House
Year 8 Charlie Knutsen Ella Beanland Maya Arendt Jascha Kahrau
Year 9 Jade Ahles Griffin Kidd Monique Evans Olivia Knights
Year 10 Lily Anthony Madison Dennis Amerlia Puckering Gemma Tinker
Year 11 Ebonee Ricketts Blake Wenzel Maddison Kelly Ava Ker
Year 12 Tom Oakley Owen de Vries Aaron Wawra Erika Zhang


Further opportunities to lead include:

  • Year 7 Ambassador program
  • Year 9 Bali Outreach program
  • The Alpine School
  • World Challenge