All our policies and procedure reflect the Colleges Values using the acronym RESPECT. these are:

  • Respectful Relationships
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Supportive Community
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiasm for Learning
  • Co-operation
  • Trust

We encourage students and parents/guardians to familiarise themselves with the policies and practices of Heathmont College.

Schools’ Privacy Policy


Child Safe Policy

Rationale: Heathmont College is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks Heathmont College has zero tolerance to all forms of child abuse. We actively work towards protecting children, responding to allegations and empowering children and staff to deal with the issues. We are committed to promoting safety for all children by engendering an atmosphere of respect, trust and care.
Heathmont College’s commitment to child safety and wellbeing includes all students whilst participating in school activities both during and outside of school hours. This includes activities conducted outside of the school environment such as excursions, camps and sporting events, as well as within online school environments including email and intranet systems. Heathmont College recognises that the wellbeing of students is the responsibility of all staff and that staff must report and respond to any concerns regarding possible sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect of a child in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures.
-To support, encourage and enable school staff, parents and students to understand, identify, discuss and report child safety matters
-To embed a culture of child safety within the College community that supports all students
-To define the roles and responsibilities of the College and staff in protecting the safety and wellbeing of students
-To support and assist students and staff in the process of reporting suspected abuse

The school will handle child safety concerns in a sensitive, confidential and timely fashion and will comply with all requirements set out in Ministerial Order No. 870 and the included child safe standards.
For the purpose of this document, child abuse refers to any act committed against a child involving a sexual offence or grooming, physical violence, serious emotional or psychological harm, or serious neglect.

Heathmont College will:
Ensure staff have the appropriate qualifications to work within the school and that reasonable efforts are made to gather, verify and record the following information about a person whom it proposes to engage to perform child-connected work:
(a) Working with Children Check status, or similar check; (a Volunteer Register and VIT Register will be kept)
(b) Proof of personal identity and any professional or other qualifications; (a Teacher Qualifications Register will be kept)
(c) The person’s history of work involving children; and
(d) References that address the person’s suitability for the job and working with children.

Monitor and assess a job occupant’s continuing suitability for child-connected work

(a) Ensure staff complete the Mandatory Reporting Module online through
-Induct new school staff into the school’s policies, codes, practices, and procedures governing child safety and child-connected work
-Brief staff on their responsibilities in relation to promoting child safety within the College and reporting suspected child abuse, on an annual basis.
-Support staff who make a mandatory report regarding suspected child abuse (defined process outlined in Staff Handbook)
-Identify and document any situations or environments where there is a risk of child abuse occurring and take actions to minimise this
-Maintain a Volunteer’s, Guest and Contractor’s Register via SAMs4Schools
-All visitors to the college, regardless of capacity, are required to sign in and out via Compass Kiosk – identifying the staff member they are working with and recording photographic identification.
-Comply with the College’s Anti-Bullying Policy
All staff are expected to:
-Abide by The Victorian Teaching Profession Code of Conduct
-Abide by directive of Ministerial Order 870 and 199
-Know and understand the details embedded within the Child Safe Standards.