Heathmont College seeks to cater for the individual learning needs of each student.  To this end the Excellence and Enrichment Program is designed to challenge all students entering secondary education at Heathmont College.

We extend and challenge students through a differentiated learning program within all our classrooms where students are provided learning experiences appropriate to their learning level. This allows us to accelerate and enrich those capable of taking a deeper dive into and beyond the core curriculum. Students express their potential through research, creative thinking, and open-ended tasks that involve problem-solving.

Formal and informal assessment provides the data sets that teachers and students use to determine the next learning step. This ensures each learner engages with the right learning for them, at the right time, in the right context. In this process we are able to maximise growth for all learners.

For further information regarding the Excellence and Enrichment Program please contact either Madeleine Khoury or Callum Petrie – Transition Coordinators.