Heathmont College seeks to cater for the individual learning needs of each student. To this end the Excellence and Enrichment Program is designed to challenge academically high achieving students entering secondary education at Heathmont College. These students tend to be intellectually curious, enjoy the challenge of extra academic stimulation and are able to both work independently and colloraboratively to achieve their goals.

Enrichment Not Acceleration

We extend and challenge students through a differentiated learning program within all our classrooms, where students are provided learning experiences appropriate to their learning level. This allows us to develop and enrich those capable of taking a deeper dive into and beyond the core curriculum. Students in the Excellence and Enrichment Program will be exposed to enhanced learning in the English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities curriculum areas. Students will engage in research, creative thinking and open-ended tasks that involve problem-solving. The program is designed to emphasise an enrichment of the current curriculum and to assist in the development of critical thinking skills that are universally important to achieve educational excellence.

There is an expectation that these students will involve themselves in all aspects of College life, such as national competitions, sports, performing arts and leadership.

Formal and informal assessment provides the data sets that teachers and students use to determine the next learning step. This ensures each learner engages with the right learning for them, at the right time, in the right context. In this process we are able to maximise growth for all students.

The Program

There will be one class of twenty five students per year level, with students expected to undertake a full six years of study.  The class will stay together for the first three years of their schooling. There will be a greater emphasis placed on the study of more complex and abstract concepts, with opportunities to undertake self-directed inquiry based learning.  Students can expect the work to be challenging but rewarding at the same time.  Our goal is to develop the critical thinking skills that are so closely associated with academic excellence and success beyond school.


Entry is by application only.  The selection process considers external achievement testing, parent input and student academic performance, as well as strong student commitment to the program. Due to the Department of Education and Training guidelines, student testing can only occur once confirmation of enrolment at Heathmont College has taken place. Year 7 students starting in 2022 will undertake AAS (Academic Assessment Services) testing at Heathmont College on a date to be advised.


Registration will close on Friday November 12 2020.  All enrolments are eligible to apply..  If you have any questions about the Edutest or placement request, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Madeleine Khoury , Transition Coordinator. As the selection process considers students holistically, Heathmont College requires applicants to the Excellence and Enrichment Program to submit an expression of interest via the application form below, which will include basic details and the following:

  • A letter from the student detailing their interest and suitability for the program
  • A letter from the parent endorsing the student’s application

Note:  Primary schools may be contacted for further information to support the selection process.

Excellence and Enrichment Program - Expression of Interest

Application required for students wishing to enrol in EEP.
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