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Inspiring Creativity and Excellence


Aims of the Instrumental Music Program

To ignite a passion for music in our students, to encourage them to read, compose, and perform confidently and with pride. Heathmont College offers a holistic approach to instrumental music education. Through exploration, play, creativity, performance, and commitment, students develop a range of skills and knowledge necessary to be successful 21st Century musicians.

The aim of the Instrumental Music Program is to develop student’s musical, social, and personal awareness through participation in lessons, ensembles, rehearsals, incursions, workshops, and performances. We offer a variety of experiences which are developed in response to students needs and interests.

We cater for beginners through to advanced musicians. The College provides tuition in a wide variety of instruments led by professional instrumental music teachers.


Instrumental Music at Heathmont College:

  • Is an Opt-in-extra-curricular program.
  • Integrates listening (aural) development, performance and music language and literacy.
  • Promotes individual and social aspects of music making.
  • Promotes equality and inclusivity.
  • Develops critical and creative thinking and personal responsibility.
  • Creates opportunities for students to make connections with like-minded students.
  • Supports students to build meaning and connectedness to school.


Instruments Offered:

The College offers a variety of instruments and tries to cater for all instruments requested. Out main instruments offered you can find listed below, however, if your student wishes to learn an instrument that is not on this list, please contact the College to discuss further opportunities.

  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Strings
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Voice
  • Keyboard/ Piano
  • Electronic


Theory Courses Offered:

  • General Theory and Aural Development Sessions
  • Composition Workshops
  • Recording and backstage management

For more information about theory courses and workshops please contact the Instrumental Music Coordinator at 9871 4888.



Lessons are held during the school day and are usually provided in small groups for 30 minutes each week. Individual lessons may also occur depending on student’s level of skill and student groupings. VCE students are given priority. All Year 12 students are offered individual lessons.

Lessons are timetabled on a two-week rotating basis to minimise disruption to the student’s school day. Lesson timetables are put onto the students Compass timetable and displayed on the Instrumental Music noticeboard outside the music room at the start of each term.


School Ensembles

Students learning a musical instrument must participate in an ensemble appropriate for their ability and instrument as soon as they are able. Playing in an ensemble develops essential skills that all musicians should have to be successful well-rounded performers. A firm commitment is required for these groups, with students expected to maintain a commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances until the end of Term 4.

Heathmont College conducts a number of ensembles that are created to meet the interests of the students. These ensembles are updated each year. Above all we promote student voice and agency. Students that wish to lead or create new ensembles are given every opportunity to do so.


Core Ensembles may include:

  • Contemporary Band Program
  • Vocal Ensemble (Contemporary Choir)
  • Production Band
  • Strings Ensemble
  • Stage Band


Performances, Workshops and Incursions

As part of the tuition fee students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and incursions.


Instrument Hire

A limited number of instruments are available for hire from the Music Department. After the first year of learning students are encouraged to purchase their own instrument if possible.

It is generally recommended that students hire for no longer than one year if they are intending to continue learning to make the College instruments available for new students.


Music Fees 2023-2024

Enrolment is for a full school year. Fees are non-refundable as they are calculated to cover staffing of the program.

Please note that Instrumental Music is an extra-curricular activity provided at the College and as such, attracts a compulsory fee. The funds raised are injected back into the program and we are sure that you will have noticed the many changes and improvements to the program in recent years; our expectation is that the program will continue to grow, and new opportunities will be offered each year.


Uniform Policy

Students will be required to source basic performance attire for college events and performances. Students usually wear school uniform to external events; however, some events require different forms of performance attire.

Formal Ensemble Performances – Performance Blacks:

  • Black Pants/Skirt
  • Black Collared shirt/meat plain black t-shirt
  • Black stockings/tights

Performance style dress:

Performance style dress is clothing appropriate to the style or genre of performance. For example, a formal solo recital requires formal wear, a rock band performance requires appropriate casual attire.

The instrumental Music Coordinator will send out information with the event details at least 2 weeks prior to an event. 


As part of the agreement to enrol in the Instrumental Music Program at Heathmont College, the following commitments are required:

  1. Attendance at ensemble rehearsals and performances is compulsory. 
  2. Attendance at music lessons is expected. If students are consistently absent from lessons, you will be notified by email.
  3. Students must maintain 90% attendance to lessons and ensembles unless alternatives are discussed with the Instrumental Music Coordinator.
  4. Regular practice is expected.
  5. Enrolment is for a full school year. Fees are non-refundable as they are calculated to cover staffing of the program on an annual basis.


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