Heathmont College Values

A review of our school values was undertaken over the course of 2021. The previous values were developed over a decade ago, so only a small portion of our current families and staff, and no current students, were part of the college. We felt that it was important to review our college values to ensure they resonate with and connect us to the current Heathmont community.

Our review included an extensive investigation into what our current community values. Several consultations were conducted to identify the key attributes that were most valued by our students, our staff and our families. As a result of these consultations and subsequent review and analysis, we have developed a new set of values that we believe better reflect the current Heathmont Community, as well as the current era.


These values are:

Curiosity – We have a desire for learning and a sense of hope and positivity. We celebrate growth when we understand new things.

Compassion – We respect each other and celebrate our differences. We show kindness to ourselves and others to help us build resilience to achieve together.

Community – We strive to build positive connections. We listen and respect all contributions and work together, so everyone feels a sense of belonging.

This year we will be holding competitions about developing a new school motto to reflect these values, as well as a new way to represent them visually in the school. These values will also form the basis of our School Wide Positive Behaviours work that will drive and guide our work in many aspects of school life for students, staff and families. More information will be published once this process is finalised.