Heathmont College requires the use of a student owned device that enables your son/daughter with the use of a high-quality notebook for education at school and home. We have worked extensively with staff and students to integrate these devices within the curriculum, making them a valuable learning tool in the classroom. Student working on laptop

Students will confidently utilise their notebook as a primary instrument to support their personal learning needs and interests. It will provide them with access to a wide variety of digital content, services, and infrastructure.

Heathmont College offers the option of two programs for purchasing a student Notebook; The Heathmont Recommended Notebook Program and the Heathmont College “Bring your own device” (BYOD) Program both which are explained below.

Heathmont Recommended Notebook Program

This program streamlines the laptop purchasing process as all models are selected by Heathmont College to be compatible with the curriculum and offers quick onsite repairs and warranties through our partnered supplier.

Please read through the below linked resources and – if selected – submit the program acceptance document upon bringing the Notebook to school.


Heathmont College Notebook Purchase Portal

Note: Any laptop purchased will currently be held due to the 2022 intake of Year 7 students – if you are purchasing a new laptop for an existing student:
Please contact reception / IT we have to manually release the laptop for delivery ASAP.

Heathmont “Bring your own device” (BYOD) Program

If you want to purchase a laptop from elsewhere for your child to use at Heathmont College, then please read and complete the following document. It will outline the required specifications of device you can purchase for use at Heathmont College – please note repairs and warranties of laptops under this program are the responsibly of families.

Below is the program outline and – if selected – please submit the program acceptance document upon bringing the Notebook to school.

Heathmont BYOD-Notebook Program

Year 7 2022 Cohort FAQ

Starting in year 7 next year and have laptop purchasing questions?
Read the below guide.

Heathmont College 2022 Notebook Program FAQ