Heathmont College requires the use of a student owned device that enables your child the use of a high-quality notebook for education at school and home. These devices are integrated within the curriculum as a valuable learning tool in the classroom.

Students will confidently utilise their notebook as a primary instrument to support their personal learning needs and interests. It will provide them with access to a wide variety of digital content, services, and infrastructure to assist their learning experience at Heathmont College.

Heathmont College offers two choices for purchasing a student Notebook.
The Heathmont Recommended Notebook Program and the Heathmont College “Bring your own device” (BYOD) Program.
Which are both outlined below.

Heathmont Recommended Notebook Program

This program streamlines the laptop purchasing process as all models are selected by Heathmont College to be compatible with the curriculum and our laptop provider offers onsite repairs and warranties through our partnered supplier.

Notebooks and Accessories can be purchased from the below link.

Heathmont College Notebook Purchasing Portal


Heathmont “Bring your own device” (BYOD) Program

If you already own a suitable laptop or want to purchase a different model to the recommended devices for your student. Please read and complete the following document. It outlines the required specifications of device you can purchase for use at Heathmont College – please note that repairs and warranties of laptops under this program are the responsibly of families.

Heathmont College Notebook Agreement form 

All Students must consent to the Notebook Agreement form to be eligible for IT usage and support.


Where can I buy a charger or laptop bag?

All laptops come with chargers, but if one has been lost or you’re looking to pick up a protective case, you can check the accessories page on the LWT portal.

Note that some laptop chargers consist of 2 parts, an adapter, and power lead and these may be required to be purchased separately (as 2 items) depending on the laptop.
Laptop chargers that include both the adapter and power lead will indicate so on the listing. Contact LWT if there are any concerns with ordering.

LWT Purchasing Portal.


What to do with a damaged laptop?

For a school laptop purchased under the recommended notebook program, students can bring these to the ICT office to be assessed and a repair can be organised.

Things to note about laptop repairs:

Warranty claims are for when devices are defective without any signs of physical damage and the device is less than 3 years old, there will usually be no cost incurred for repairs done under warranty.

Damage or insurance claims are for when a device has physical damage (Cracked screen etc.)
a cost will depend on if there is insurance on the device or not.