Information for Prospective Student-Athletes

The Heathmont College Sports Academy has been established to enhance students Sporting, Academic and Vocational opportunities through a holistic sporting approach. The academy has a range of key partnerships and programs with numerous sporting bodies and local community facilities to help deliver a relevant and comprehensive program that is tailored for your child’s chosen sport or identified talent.

The aim of Heathmont College Sports Academy is to:

  • Offer a student-athlete friendly environment
  • Further develop athlete’s knowledge through a holistic sporting approach including curriculum, health and wellbeing, performance analysis, fitness testing, sports psychology and game sense.
  • Opportunity to extend their sporting talents via a detailed, supportive and flexible sports academy curriculum that covers enhancement opportunities, match-play, strength and conditioning education, and high-performance training, nutrition and recovery education.
  • Professionally accredited coaches that oversee each academy program and facilitate team and individual feedback through the standard academy structure and term-based progress meetings.
  • Competition opportunities through school sport, interschool sport and other sporting academies.
  • Training opportunities both at school and in the wider community.
  • Fully tailored strength and conditioning program for each student that is reviewed as needed.
  • Support students in future career planning, development and aspirations through numerous strands including sporting pathways.

Sports Offered

AFL / AFLW Basketball Netball
Soccer Gifted Athlete Striking Sports

Current Proposed Structure for 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sports Academy
8:30am -10:00am
Sports Academy
8:30am -10:00am
No Academy Sports Academy
8:30am -10:00am
Sports Academy
8:30am -10:00am
Strength and
1:10pm -2:00pm
*Academy Academic Support
Strength and
1:10pm -2:00pm

Sports Academy sessions include:

  • Technical Skill development
  • Tactical Skill development
  • Health and Wellbeing sessions
  • Competitions/Inter-academy competitions
  • Fitness testing and data analysis
  • Peer analysis and assessment
  • Training sessions run by elite sporting bodies
  • Student-athlete development of coaching practices for leadership opportunities
  • Recovery

Ongoing support will be given to the student-athletes to help balance their demanding schedules. This will be arranged through term-based progress meetings and weekly
academic support classes that are offered to Academy students.

*Weekly academic support classes must be attended by those students who have failed to hand in work on time to a satisfactory standard

Conditions of Enrolment

When offered a position at Heathmont College Sports Academy, the student-athlete agrees to all the terms and conditions set out in the ‘Student-Athlete Agreement’.

Student-athletes who are a part of Heathmont College Sports Academy have set standards and are expected to commit to the following requirements:

  • Apply themselves in all sessions to the best of their abilities.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with the expectations of both Heathmont College and Heathmont Sports Academy.
  • Conform will all reasonable training instructions/sessions set by teachers/coaches to your full potential.
  • Engage in healthy lifestyle practices that contribute to excellence in sport.
  • Always practice fair play principles when competing in training and in competitions.
  • Always practice good sportsmanship on and off the field with coaches, players, teammates and students.
  • Abide by all rules of the sport and never engage in negative disputes.
  • Follow all uniform policies set by the College and Sports Academy to a high standard
  • Abstain from taking (knowingly or unknowingly) any illicit substances that will affect your growth, behaviour or performance.
  • Comply with all behaviour standards set by the College and Sports Academy. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your place in the Academy with no refund.
  • Ensure all academic work across all subjects is handed in on time to a satisfactory standard. Support is given through the Sports Academy to maintain your workload; however ongoing problems may result in the loss of your place in the Academy with no refund.

Annual Fees

If your child is selected into Heathmont College Sports Academy the annual fee is $2,600. A deposit of $500 will be required upon the acceptance of your place in the Academy. The annual fee covers but not limited to:

  • Yearly usage of Maroondah Leisure facilities during Academy times
  • Sports Academy Camp
  • Venue Hire for facilities for training, events or competitions.
  • Sports Academy transport
  • Guest speakers
  • Individual fitness testing
  • Individual strength and conditioning program
  • Sports Academy uniform (one set)


Heathmont College Sports Academy uniform is an expectation for all student-athletes in the Academy. Uniform must be worn to all Sports Academy sessions and be presented in a neat, professional manner.

  • Heathmont College Sports Academy Training Shirt
  • Heathmont College Sports Academy Jumper                           
  • Heathmont College Sports Academy Training Singlet

**Subject to change based on availability from manufacturer.

Application Process

  1. Complete and return the ‘Expression of Interest’ form by May 17th, 2020.  For forms or more information please contact Elise Hopkins via email at or by phone on (03) 9871 4888.
  1. Testing Day: more information will be provided upon submitting an expression of interest form. Please be aware there is a $50 cost.
  2. Application Review: All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the Director and Assistant Director of Heathmont College Sports Academy.
  3. Knowledge of Acceptance: 30th of September, 2019 via email.

Note: Upon acceptance into Heathmont Sports Academy, a deposit of $500 is to be paid. Your position will be held for a maximum of 14 days before forfeiting your place in the Academy.

Sports Academy Enquiry Form

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Need to Know

Being selected into the Heathmont Sports Academy means you have a position in the academy for that calendar year. You do not automatically get accepted into the program the following year. Student-athletes are required to maintain a minimum behaviour and academic standard, as well as abide by all terms and conditions set out in the ‘Student-Athlete Agreement’ that is signed at the commencement of each year. Students who fail to meet these standards or fail to uphold the ‘Student-Athlete Agreement’ will forfeit their place in the Academy when deemed by the Director of Heathmont Sports Academy and Heathmont College. No refunds will be given to students who forfeit their position in the Academy. A yearly review/application process will be undertaken as to whether your child will receive a place in the Academy for the following year.