My name is Frances, and I am in training to provide wellbeing support and stress relief at school.  I was named Frances after a lady my human parents knew who was kind, wise and super intelligent and she spent her life helping people be the best versions of themselves.  I am a HOPE dog because I will work at Heathmont College, the Home of Positive Education and support the school community to flourish.  I may be little, but my character strengths currently include curiosity and perseverance, and I will be working on my leadership and teamwork.  Hopefully, I can add a little zest to your daily lives at school.

I will work with a number of students and staff members and support the College community in many different ways.  I know that not everyone likes dogs.  I also know some people have allergies, phobias, or cultural reasons why they cannot pat me.  But this does not mean you cannot be part of the learning.  There will be opportunities for all members of the school community to connect with the program, even if they cannot work directly with me.



My ultimate goal is to integrate into the community and help people achieve mental health success.  This journey to wellbeing is a collection one, steeped in positive re-enforcement so that we can all shine and carry on the work of my namesake, so we can be the best versions of ourselves.

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