July 16, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Heathmont College Grounds

Description/ Educative Purpose: 

Established in 2015, Body Safety Australia provides education to protect and empower young people. All Year 10 female students will participate in the Body Safety Australia ‘Naked Truths’ whole day program, whilst male students will participate in the Man Cave program on the same day. Normal classes will not run on this day. Recess and lunch will take place as normal. 

The program encourages students to think critically about consent and respect in personal relationships. By understanding their own values and identity, students will look closely at gendered stereotypes, power imbalances, and digital media literacy. The workshop covers the moral and ethical considerations of personal interactions, as well as the legal implications. Topics covered will include:

  • Informed, affirmative consent
  • Respectful relationships
  • Setting and respecting boundaries
  • Power imbalances
  • Blame, shame, and positive affirmation
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Green and red flags in personal relationships
  • Bystanders and upstanders
  • Taking, sharing, and altering nude images
  • Sexual digital media literacy
  • Social media and respectful relationships
  • Porn awareness and sexual knowledge
  • Ethical and legal rights and responsibilities
  • Help seeking

We look forward to this being a great day of critical thinking and personal learning. This program is being subsidised by the College but we are asking parents to make a $30 contribution towards this valuable incursion.