October 10, 2023 @ 8:53 am – 3:02 pm
Normal Classrooms
Heathmont College Grounds

We have engaged the service of KidLink Occupational Therapy to support the information gathering relating to the best educational supports for your child.  Josh White from KidLink will attend the school and observe your child in the school environment.  Josh will then write a report related to his observations.  The observation report will form part of the Disability Inclusion Profile for your child.  The DIP and surrounding process will help schools and families identify the strengths, functional needs and educational adjustments schools make to assist students with additional learning needs.

Please be aware that your child simply attends their normal classes as per their Compass Schedule.


The profile and surrounding process is designed to:

  • focus on the strengths, aspirations and goals of the student
  • help schools and families identify functional needs and adjustments for students with disability
  • inform individual education plans (IEPs), the learning goals for students, and school-wide planning
  • determine Disability Inclusion tier 3 student-level funding allocations to support schools to deliver adjustments for individual students with complex and high needs.